Jet FAQs

General FAQs

  • What advice do you offer to professionals who are switching fields?

    "Before you make a career change, you should make sure it's the right decision for you and your immediate support system. You will often sacrifice years of experience, which can make you underqualified and forced to begin your new career at an entry-level position when you are looking for an established, career-level compensation package. If you decide to switch fields, follow your heart and find a career path in which you have a passion to grow." -Chris Elmore, Sr. Manager of Recruiting Initiatives for Sam's Club and International Support
  • Can you offer any advice on how to best network?

    "My idea of networking is to seek individuals who have skills and competencies that you need to develop. These skills and competencies could either be to further your career or get better in your current job. Consider this as an opportunity to learn from each other and you will make a strong connection with the person and grow your network." -Mandar Thakur, Sr. Recruiter – ISD
  • Will I receive confirmation that my application was successfully submitted?

    Yes, once you complete your application and required assessments there will be a screen confirming that you have completed all the necessary steps.
  • Can I change my application after submitting?

    No, you cannot change your application after submitting, so please make sure that everything is finalized before you hit the submit button.

Technology FAQs

  • What is your tech stack?

    We are one of the largest functional programming shops in the NYC area as we use F# on the backend built in an event sourced microservices architecture that is 100% in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Our Frontend is built using React and Angular 2 built on Node, using Electrode. We use Ansible for configuration management with a very strong CI/CD pipeline built with Jenkins. As we have a start-up mentality we realize that we need to stay up on the latest and greatest and using everything from Kafka, Storm, Redis, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, and Prometheus internally.
  • How many engineering teams and engineers do you currently have on staff?

    Currently, we have around 26 engineering teams building internal and external applications with some cross-functionally across all of ecommerce. As we like to lead from the front on the technical side, most of our teams are around 5-8 people with a total of around 260 engineers in Hoboken
  • Do you offer work-from-home flexibility?

    As we maintain a swift pace with daily sprints and meetings, we do like our engineers to be here in the office everyday.
  • What is the culture like at Jet?

    The best way to explain our company is “a scrappy startup with Fortune One support. We thrive on innovation and collaboration, as that is what has helped us grow so quickly in the ecommerce game. Throughout the office, you will see everything from stand-up desks and frisbees, to beanbag chairs and flamingos—with plenty of common areas to maximize creativity. Our company was founded on transparency, trust, and fairness to create a strong bond with each other and our customers. We offer unlimited vacation, happy hours every Thursday, and flexibility to live your life.

Retail FAQs

  • How does Jet fulfill its orders?

    Jet finds you savings by matching your order to retailers who can fulfill it at a low cost. We use two different fulfillment methods to make that happen.

    • Everyday essentials come from Jet warehouses. You’ll get the stuff you need fast in two days or less in our signature purple boxes.
    • For everything else, we partner with trusted retailers to get you your order in 2-5 days. If there is ever any issue, the Jet Heads are available to help 24/7.
  • What types of trusted retailers does Jet partner with directly?

    Jet works hard to identify reputable and high-quality retail partners that are able to deliver great products to our shoppers. We work collaboratively with our partners to ensure that Jet is an efficient platform for both them and our shoppers. You can learn more about how we work with our retail partners here.
  • How does Jet ensure the quality of its retail partners?

    Our retail partners team is dedicated to identifying amazing retailers to join our network. Once a retail partner has joined our network, we count on them to meet our high performance standards. If you have any feedback on our retail partners, please reach out to the Jet Heads, our customer service team, at 1 (855) 538-4323 or

Customer FAQs

  • What is Jet?

    Jet is a shopping site dedicated to saving you more money. Everyday low prices are just the start, because our real-time savings engine gives you the power to make prices drop even lower as you shop.
  • How do I save more on Jet?

    Adding items with a purple tag to your cart will lower the price of other items, so getting something like toothpaste will save you money on other stuff like cereal and paper towels.
  • Why does adding an item with the tag lower the price of items in my cart?

    Items with the purple tag can be packed and shipped with other items in your cart. It costs us less to ship multiple items together, so when you add items with the tag to your cart, you pay less.
  • Why does opting out of free returns on an item lower the price?

    The cost of a potential return is built into the price of items you buy online. When you opt out of free returns on an item, we save that cost, so you pay less.
  • What is Jet's shipping and returns policy?

    We offer free 2-5 day shipping on orders over $35, faster 2-day shipping on thousands of everyday essentials, and free returns on almost everything within 30 days. Orders under $35 are subject to a $5.99 shipping fee, and items shipping as freight may take longer than 5 days to arrive. Learn more about our shipping policy here and our returns policy here.
  • Why does paying for an item by debit card lower the price?

    Retailers pay a fee for credit card transactions. When you pay by debit instead of credit, we don’t have to pay that fee, so you pay less.

Member Services FAQs

  • Do you have a dress code policy?

    We believe in bringing your authentic self to work each day. Come as you are!
  • How many calls does an agent take on average day?

    We aim to provide swift, accurate, and memorable experiences to our customers. On a typical day, you would handle approximately 30 calls.
  • What are my career growth opportunities?

    Our business is constantly evolving, frequently creating new opportunities!

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